I hate to break it to you, guys, but Ruby is old enough to drink. What started out as a small community full of fun, silliness, and connection has been growing. Our small codebases are now large. Our small companies are now large. And the large companies have finally figured out that they want in, too.

So maybe it’s time to start tackling Real Problems and Real Solutions in the world of Real Innovation. Maybe it’s time for the community to grow up, stop playing around, and get Serious™.

But…that’s not who we are. Our community thrives on creativity, play, and luck. And those things aren’t just a weird perk like not having to wear shoes in the office – creativity, play, and luck, when present, actually produce better software. As we grow our projects and our teams and invade the corporate cube farm, there are some things we can lay aside, and there are others we must hold on to as if our very identity depended on them.

Because it does.