Rails 4 is switching to MiniTest from Test::Unit. What does this mean for you? MiniTest is more than an exercise in minimalism, it’s a full-featured testing framework. Using MiniTest, we can change our approach to application design and build Rails apps that are more flexible, easier to refactor, and more maintainable.

We’ll get straight to the good stuff: How to test validations. When to stub and when to mock. How to use fixtures, and when you should skip them. Can your model tests be faster? What about controller tests? And why you’d choose it over RSpec.

Have you worked on apps where the tests are mocked to the hilt and impossible to change when refactoring? Or wasted time hunting through dozens of files to find all the downstream methods called from one controller action? Or simply thrown tests away because your team can no longer maintain them? Then this session is for you.