User experience (UX) is most often thought of as architecting or designing the way in which our users will interact with content, features, or a system as a whole. I also consider UX as a critical part of a cohesive team; they defend the user.

I’ve had the benefit of working with some of the finest UX designers in the industry. I’m even dating a UXer. While this talk won’t address that particular relationship, I will impart ways to improve the working relationship between software development and UX teams. In this talk I’ll:

  • share a look at the recent surge of agile/lean UX and how it interacts with agile in software development.
  • address the expectations, the give and take, and the balance between development and UX.
  • cover real challenges faced by both UXers and developers when working with our counterparts.

If you have the pleasure of working with UX, or want to learn why you should be more involved with your UX team, you’ll enjoy this talk.