Many who code aspire to lead software teams and help others to achieve great things. However, being a great coder does not automatically make you a great manager, or a great leader. Nor does being able to recognise bad management imbue you with the skills to do any better.

A number of myths about management pervade: some think that leading means “being in charge” and telling others what to do and how to do it, whereas nothing could actually be further from the truth. Others feel a great weight of responsibility, and are paralysed into inaction by a fear of “getting it wrong.”

To make things worse, developers can sometimes feels like management is only natural career progression path, yet many fear this means they have to give up coding for good, and focus on velocity charts, burn downs and an endless eternity of email.

Let’s bust some of those myths. In this talk you will learn:

  • the difference between management and leadership
  • how to delegate (goals not tasks)
  • how to weed out office politics
  • the perils of job titles

Come along if you’d like to learn to take the reigns and lead teams to the next level, without micro-managing them or giving up coding entirely.